Is the MOT test changing in September 2021?

Is the MOT test changing in September?

You may have seen headlines saying that motorists could be fined £1,000 due to changes in the MOT test coming this September. The truth is that these are just shocking headlines intended to get your attention – and the good news is that the MOT test itself is not changing at all!

So, what’s happening to MOTs?

Well – you might remember that at the height of the Coronavirus pandemic last year, the government gave all cars, vans and motorbikes an exemption form the MOT test – with an extension of 6 months added onto the normal annual period.

That’s because, like all other businesses where people come in close contact with each other, garages and MOT testing centres had to close down.

This extension now means that any cars, vans or motorbikes that needed their MOT tests while garages were closed are now going to be due for one.

During lockdown, the AA conducted a survey to find out how many vehicle owners took advantage of the extension scheme – and the results are in.

20% of the sample audience said that they had used the MOT test extension for their vehicle – which could mean that up to 5.5 million UK vehicles could have delayed MOTs.

That’s a lot of MOT tests to get booked in!

Drivers up and down the country are probably scrambling to Google, typing in “book an MOT test near me” right now – looking for a garage that can give their vehicle a test as soon as possible.

There could be even more demand, though – because more than 330,000 new cars were bought in September 2018. And they’re all going to need an MOT test for the first time this year.

As we know, driving your car without a valid MOT test certificate can land you in some deep trouble – a hefty fine, 3 penalty points on your license or even a driving ban if your for vehicle is found to have a dangerous problem.

But – if you’re now panicking about getting your car booked in for an MOT test, there’s no need for alarm; at We Only Do MOTs, we’ve got appointments available throughout September at both of our MOT testing centres:

So – that’s all it is, then. There might be a backlog of MOTs to get through, but there’s no new criteria that your car has to meet in order to pass the MOT test. Nothing else has changed.

Time for your MOT?

Post-pandemic MOT bookings couldn’t be easier. Or cheaper! With plenty of appointments available in September, book your MOT test in Eastleigh for just £45 – with We Only Do MOTs. We promise to provide an impartial, independent MOT to everyone and we even carry out most minor repairs for free!
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