When Does a New Car Need its First MOT Test? 

When Does a New Car Need its First MOT Test?

Ahh, that new car smell. A brand new, shiny car – with all the stickers still in place, never been owned by anyone but the manufacturer. It’s like a dream come true for anyone who’s only ever had a second hand car before.

But then, time passes by and you realise that you haven’t had an MOT test in ages! Lucky for new car owners, you’ve got plenty of time to sort it out – 3 years, in fact. But could that be changing?

New cars need the MOT test after 3 years

A new car will need its first MOT test after 3 years.

Under current legislation, a new car doesn’t need to have an MOT test until it is 3 years old. You can, by all means, get an MOT test for peace of mind at any time before the car reaches its third birthday – but there’s no legal requirement to do so.

Why does the law say that after that, you have to have an MOT test every year? And isn’t there talk of new rules that could mean the MOT for new cars is done after 4 years instead?

Well, the latest figures available (from 2016) show that the MOT test pass rate for new cars after three years was about 85%, with the most common reasons for failure include lighting, tyres and braking faults. While lower than the average fail rate (around 35%), the risk of dangerous faults occurring after that age starts to rise significantly.

Plans to extend the age to four years scrapped 

In 2018, the UK government was seeking advice and consultation on extending the three year age limit for new car MOTs to four years. In countries like Northern Ireland, France, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Denmark and Norway, the MOT test (or equivalent) for new cars happens after four years – and the UK government stated that studies have shown reduced accidents due to component failures in cars aged 3-4 years over the course of a decade.

But the plans were scrapped because of the increased risk with each year a car is on the road.

It was found that, although modern cars are safer than 50 years ago (when the MOT test age was last changed from 10 to three years), there is a clear public concern. The UK has some of the safest roads in the world – and the risk associated with letting more unsafe cars go through without testing was deemed to high.

So, a new car will still need its first MOT test after 3 years. The extension to four years would have saved UK car owners a massive £100 million in MOT test bills – but you can’t put a price on safety or peace of mind. Well, unless it’s a reliable MOT for just £45 from We Only Do MOTs!

Does your new car need an MOT test?

If your car is 3 years old this year, then book your MOT test in Eastleigh before its third birthday for just £45 – with We Only Do MOTs. We promise to provide an impartial, independent MOT to everyone and we even carry out most minor repairs for free!

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