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So Your Car Has Failed Its MOT

Don’t worry – it happens more often than you’d think! And a surprising number of cars fail the MOT test for simple things like blown light bulbs, or worn out wipers.

But sometimes, a car can fail the MOT because of major issues.

A vehicle can fail and still be driven until a retest – but with only minor or some limited “major” failure points; not if it has failed on safety.

A car which has failed the MOT test due to “dangerous” problems listed during the test cannot be driven away.

If your car fails the MOT, this is what you need to do next. But first, what counts as a failed MOT?

What is an MOT failure?

An MOT test fail is when the test results show “dangerous” or “major” problems with your car. You are not allowed to drive the car until you fix any problems listed as “dangerous” – but some “major” faults can be fixed within 10 working days, although your current MOT must still be valid.
What to do if your vehicle fails the MOT
This is what we, at We Only Do MOTs have to do:

We must issue a refusal of an MOT test certificate
Record the failed MOT in the MOT database
Give you a chance to appeal the result if you think it’s wrong

If you have “dangerous” problems, your car MUST be fixed before you can drive it. These can be anything from worn out tyres, damaged seat belts, or mechanical failure of vital components.

But, if there were no “dangerous” problems listed in the MOT test results, you will have 10 working days to make minor and major repairs before bringing the vehicle back for a FREE retest.
A retest only covers the failure points, so it might only take a few minutes. If you can’t make it within 10 working days, we have to do a full MOT test again, at the full test rate.
How to pass the MOT
Passing the MOT can often be achieved before you even book your test! Well, if you make sure you have done everything right beforehand, that is. We have put together some helpful advice and guidance, to help give your car a better chance of passing the MOT test:

What to check before your MOT test
How to pass MOT emissions test

Remember – a failed MOT isn’t the end of the world. It’s much better than having an accident because your car was unsafe, so see it as a good thing if you can. And if your car fails the MOT test carried out at We Only Do MOTs, we’ll book a FREE retest within 10 days for you, giving you a chance to get it sorted.

Book your MOT

Book your MOT test in Eastleigh today, with We Only Do MOTs. We promise to provide an impartial, independent MOT to everyone – and will carry out most minor repairs for free!

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