Frequently Asked Questions About MOTs 

These are the most common questions about MOTs – asked by customers and seen around the web.

Learn more about the MOT test and why it’s important to get yours booked up in plenty of time. 

What does MOT stand for? 

Nothing too exciting – it just stands for Ministry of Transport. 

How much does an MOT cost? 

The maximum any garage can charge is £54.85. 

Our standard fee for an MOT test is just £50 – and we carry out most minor repairs for free. 

My MOT has expired – can I still drive my car? 

The only time you are permitted to drive once the MOT is expired is when driving to a pre-booked MOT test. 

If you do this, please provide us with your registration number when making your test appointment so that if you’re pulled over, we can confirm that you were on your way to us. 

Can the police tell if you have no MOT? 

Yes, and so can roadside traffic cameras. Police cars automatically scan number plates while in traffic, which is checked against the information held on the Police National Computer. All relevant details of all UK registered cars are held on this system – including insurance status, tax and MOT expiry. 

Can I drive my car home if it fails the MOT? 

You can only drive your car back home if: 

  • The previous MOT has not expired 
  • No dangerous problems were listed in the MOT

Can I get fined for no MOT? 

You can be fined up to £2,500, be banned from driving and get 3 penalty points for driving a vehicle that has failed its MOT because of a dangerous problem. 

What happens if the car fails the MOT, without dangerous problems? 

Provided that no dangerous problems were listed in the MOT test, you have 10 working days to sort out any repairs and bring the vehicle back for a free retest. A retest only covers the failure points, so may only take a few minutes. 

If you can’t make it within 10 working days, we have to perform a full test at the full test rate. 

What is an MOT failure? 

A surprising number of cars fail the MOT test for simple reasons – like blown light bulbs, tatty windscreen wipers or even a faulty horn. 

A vehicle can fail and still be driven until a retest, with only minor to major failure points. 

But there can be deeper and more dangerous issues, like damaged seat belts, excessive corrosion of critical parts and ineffective breaks due to multiple component failures. 

A vehicle cannot be driven if it fails with dangerous failure points. It must be repaired and pass the dangerous failure points in the MOT test before it can be driven again. 

I can’t remember my MOT expiry date, can you tell me? 

Yes we can – and we can send you a free reminder text or email, two weeks before it’s due. 

How do I check my MOT is due? 

You can find your MOT expiry date at the Vehicle Enquiry Service. You will need your vehicle registration number to use this service. 

I’ve lost my MOT certificate – can I get a new one? 

Yes, you can. You will need to provide your registration number and the reference number from your V5C (logbook). With that, we can print a duplicate certificate, which costs £5. 

How long does the MOT take? Can I wait while you do it? 

The MOT test takes around 45 minutes and of course, you are welcome to wait – we have a waiting room with free hot drinks and WiFi.

What does Class IV or Class VII mean? 

Motorbikes are Class I (up to 200cc) or Class II (over 200cc, including sidecar). Most cars will be Class IV. 

Most small vans, Transit vans and motorhomes are Class IV, too. 

Vans and goods vehicles of 3 to 3.5 tonne are Class VII. 

We may not be able to test some particularly long or tall vehicles – it depends on whether they’ll fit in our workshop. If in doubt, just ask us for advice

Does my car even need an MOT? 

If your car is over three years old and was made after 1st January 1960, it requires an annual MOT. Find out more about exempt vehicles at gov.ukPre-1960 vehicles are exempt from testing, but owners may still choose to give them an MOT test. 

Time for your MOT? 

Book an MOT in Eastleigh today, with We Only Do MOTs. We promise to provide an impartial, independent MOT to everyone – and will carry out most minor repairs for free! 

Send your message to enquiries@onlydomots.co.uk or call us on 023 8064 7180

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